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Australia's closest rivals in the AFC so the more we can learn about the Japanese style of player the better for our football development in Australia. Technically and tactically brilliant the Japanese are disciplined masters of Asia.

From high quality J-League sessions to top quality games and mind blowing sightseeing, Japan has it all and only a short flight away

Sessions, Games, Stadiums

We will do it all for you, Red Lion have many partnerships with top J-League clubs for high level sessions and top quality games to match your teams ability, weather it be Academies, Clubs or Schools all will test any Australian team.

Red Lion will also access J-League live game tickets to watch the best in Asia and soak up the amazing atmosphere.


We have bases outside of Tokyo and also Osaka ready for our groups. 

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Red Lion staff will serve as interpreters and guides on every tour and show you some amazing sights, sounds and tastes of Japan, from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city, to Mt Fuji & amazing temples and fantastic local food.

Even a day pass to Tokyo Disneyland.

Contact us today for a sample itinerary

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